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South Korea offline map

Indeed it looks like South Korea is not available on HERE maps (and Japan neither!). Luckily there are some clients for OSM in the store that might give you what you need. The top contender seems to ...
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Missing countries in Here Maps

Unfortunately some countries are not available. I don't know any official list, but if the needed country is not listed in the download section there is no way to get it. :/
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Which Map app can I use?

On Windows mobile 10 the default maps app is all you need. It uses the downloaded offline maps and has turn by turn voice guidance without the need of internet connection and by using GPS detection ...
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Help for Maps and locations

You can enter it using Drive+. You will have to find the NE coordinates from your longitude and altitude and feed them to you Drive+ app.
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Here Maps - download maps according to route?

Well the only way you can use the offline feature of the here maps is by manually selecting and downloading the regions through which you will be travelling. But i have the perfect solution for your ...
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Mark multiple maps for download at once?

Yes you are missing something. Tap the circle with three checkmarks and horisontal lines at the bottom of the country list. Now you can select multiple countries and then download them at once. ...
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