You do swipe up, then it presents 3 buttons, Answer, Ignore and Text Reply.


8.1 Update 1 is part of the Nokia Denim update, which is set to roll out to Lumia phones during Q4 of 2014.


Most Lumia phones should also support flip-to-silence (ignoring an incoming call by flipping the phone display down), which you can activate in Settings → Audio → Enhancements. Microsoft's Gestures Beta app also provides the same functionality, plus a few other handy features. Not sure if it'll work on your Lumia 635, though - Microsoft mentions ...


I looked at your profile and saw you're from the Czech Republic. Microsoft has a page showing the availability for each model per region for new updates. This page can be found here: Availability in Europe. On this page, I didn't find any available updates for the Nokia Lumia 635.


That seems like a glitch either your phone may have or a bug in the app itself. If it is your phone that is the culprit, then it can be easily fixed by either restarting or soft resetting your phone. A soft reset can be done by holding Volume Up button + Power button at the same time for about 10-15 seconds. If, however, that didn't fixed your problem, then ...


Your phone is probably missing the APN-Settings for MMS. Check this link for instructions on how to fix this for T-Mobile on Windows Phone 8: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-28065 From the start screen, swipe left. Scroll down to and tap Settings. Scroll down to and tap Network + wireless. Scroll down to and tap cellular+SIM. Scroll down ...


Have you tried unlocking the phone while connected? Just enter your pin and get to your phone's Start screen and see what happens


AT&T go phones come locked. In order to unlock them, you must have service on that device for six months, then call customer support. It can be unlocked remotely.


Soft restarting did the trick. Something messed up, then? Annoying, but workable. Leaving this up in case anyone else encounters


You could also try the Volume Button which would turn off the volume or even you can press the lock button which would turn off the volume as well as turn off screen(But it will not reject the call).

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