Word Flow and text suggestions aren't available with all languages. To see if your current language is supported, see Windows Phone feature and service availability. If your language is in the list, go to Settings → Keyboard, tap on your language and make sure that the "Suggest text" and "Type as I flick through letters" options are enabled. For more ...


IT may be that both the storage check and storage sense categories file differently and has different parameter for "System files" (may be). Also, try cleaning your phone by connecting it to PC. Clear browser cache and if that didn't help, take a backup and hard reset your Windows Phone to clear out all the data. and restore the back up.


There may indeed be some lag between the time an update's availability is announced, and the time it's actually made available to your particular phone. Even when it's confirmed available on the manufacturer's website (in Nokia's case, it's listed down to the country and cell carrier), you may still need to wait awhile. For my particular case, my parents ...

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