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Your network operator might charge for MMS messages (where you insert a picture, video clip, etc.), but they shouldn't charge you for SMS messages that use Unicode characters (and EE don't), which can include the emotji from the built in keyboard (via the 😊 icon on the keyboard). Be careful to watch the character count, as this will force Unicode mode, ...


Is your phone supplied by Ultra-mobile? Either way, you may need to tweak your APN settings. In settings > access point I found some settings for Ultra-mobile on this site, I have no idea if they work: Here's the settings: Android settings for Ultra Mobile. These should also ...


Go to Settings->Networks & Settings->Mobile&SIM Select SIM1/SIM2 Settings. You should see MMS APN at the bottom of the screen. Verify your MMS settings so that the following properties are as follows: MMSC as MMS as proxy MMS as port 80 MCC as 310 If no MMS APN is present then add a new one.


Make sure Data is turned on. I was using Wi-Fi and assumed this was good enough. When I turned Data on, the picture came through.

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