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The closest you have is in the Battery Saver app for monitoring power consumption (albeit only when not connected to external power) - the reason there is nothing more complex is that apps is that there is only ever one app running in the foreground - the others in the task switcher are suspended, and not consuming any valuable resources (they remain in ...


Officially, no, there's no such thing. There are a few reasons for this: WP apps can't see other apps (or indeed any process running outside the app's sandbox). This is by design, as a security measure to keep a malicious app from spying on you or interfering with other apps. WP automatically suspends backgrounded apps. If the phone runs low on memory, ...


Actually there isn't, and theres also no need for one as on Windows Phone there can only be one app actively running in the foreground. The OS frees up memory from suspended apps when needed. You can also manually close those apps through the task switcher by holding the back button. There are Background Tasks which you can manage through the Battery Saver ...


This part of the Windows Phone OS is locked down. There is no way for any app to change this behavior.


Hi Yes you can hold the back button, the list of the recent applications appears and next to each one a close button is available. Close the application with the close button and that's it.

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