No, there is no official way to change the default font for the OS. You'll need registry access to do that which requires an interop unlock as the article you've linked to states.


Use an app like Transparency Tiles, it can make almost all your tiles transparent (with some exceptions), and works with both Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1.


Go to settings => Personalization => Lock screen (at the end of the page you will see double tap for wake up Sorry because picture is on my language Update: For L535 go to Settings => Extras => Touch, you will see first option for double tap for wake up L535


Unfortunately you can't. This feature used to be in some of the preview builds but Microsoft pulled it out, citing issues with Start screen layouts. They said it would be quite some time before it was put back in, and given the current rate of development I wouldn't expect to see it any time soon, if ever.


For now, even on the latest release build (10.0.14393.693), it is not possible to have a large tile. Try searching for such an feedback in the Feedback Hub about having a large tile option and upvote it your create our new one. Hopefully, this feature might roll out in the next OS updates, so be ready to install them. Hope this helps. If it did, give me ...


I am sure that those wallpapers are stored in that app only. Means developer has provided those wallpapers in his app.


Try an app called "Pin it!", it will change the web page link, but I haven't found anything to change application tiles yet.


Unfortunately this is currently not possible. You can only set ringtones for a specific contact. You can post your suggestion on http://windowsphone.uservoice.com.

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