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Note – Following steps may cause damage to your phone. Microsoft will not responsible for any damage. Do at your own Risk. Think Twice before trying. Steps: Firstly, install Windows Insider app from store. Then download Registry Edior "vcReg_1.5" and deploy on it your device using app deployment tool. Then go to ...


No,it is not possible (at least officially). RedStone builds are available for phones that are eligible for Windows 10 insider preview. I'm sorry to say that your phone model is not in the list of eligible phones for Insider preview. As a matter of fact Lumia 520 is not even qualified for the official Windows 10 upgrade. Therefore there will be no new ...


The official FM Radio app has been discontinued by Microsoft. If you want to keep listening to FM radio, you can use a third-party app. This article has several suggestions - Radio FM Phone, FM Radio Player and Tunable FM Radio. Alternatively, you could try an Internet-based radio app, like iHeartRadio, Pandora or TuneIn Radio.


In that hack you simulate that your phone is a Lumia 950, does it have glance screen? I'm not sure, but have you tried this? In order to enable glance screen in Lumia 650 / 950, follow these steps. You can see the following options in the glance screen settings. Mode: Here, you can set the time after the phone is locked when the glance screen appears ...

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