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In UC Browser I am unable to download after display lock

You can choose option "Background Download" when options comes when a list appears and you press download in UC Browser. In case of choosing "Regular Download" this problem occurs. Hope you got your ...
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Reset zoom level in mobile browsers

Update : For some pages Refresh or Clearing cache does not reset the zoom level. For those website click on the location bar and press Enter key or Left arrow that appears in the keyboard. Clean the ...
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Videos are not showing through filemanager which was downloaded through uc broswer

The answer to this question lies in the fact that Windows Phone Apps uses "isolated storage" to store anything on your device. So, if you have downloaded anything from any app be it UC Browser or ...
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unable to download youtube videos using uc browser

you may try UC Browser PC version. its downloading function is more stable than phone. also it can download videos from Facebook. here's the link to the official website: http://pc.ucweb.com/?from=...
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